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Nutritional Counseling

You may find it difficult to maintain healthy eating habits as you receive cancer treatments, especially if you experience loss of appetite, depression, anxiety, emotional stress, or chemical changes caused by your cancer.

The food you eat can provide your body with nutrients necessary for cellular growth, repair and maintenance.  You can also prevent weight loss and malnutrition by eating the right amounts of food rich in calories, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Winchester Medical Center Nutrition Staff can provide you with personal nutrition solutions and menu ideas to prevent additional illnesses and facilitate recovery from your disease.  In addition, your doctor can discuss medicines and other strategies to improve or maintain appetite.  You may also find one of the following links helpful:

Please note that the information available through these links is not provided by Shenandoah Oncology, nor do we necessarily endorse this information.  All information provided through these links is for your reference only and does not constitute medical advice.  Please consult your physician before acting or relying upon such information.

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