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Targeted Therapy

Targeted therapies are drugs or other agents that block the growth and spread of cancer by interfering with specific genes or molecules involved in tumor growth and progression.

Genomic sequencing refers to the analysis of the DNA “blueprint” within a specific individual’s cancer, seeking clues as to what is driving the malignancy at its most basic and fundamental level.  Because scientists often refer to these as “molecular targets," such cancer treatments are sometimes referred to as “molecularly targeted drugs/therapies.”  By focusing on molecular and cellular changes that are unique to each cancer, targeted cancer therapies are often less harmful to normal cells and more effective against the cancer than other types of treatment.  

Our physicians routinely test for specific mutations and other traits unique to your cancer that can reveal the best treatment options for you.  However, targeted therapy is not an option every patient or every type of cancer or blood disease.  However, increasing numbers of patients are benefiting from these powerful tools through clinical trial participation or as these agents become available for general use.

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