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For Patients

Insurance Benefits & Financial Resources

The financial aspect of dealing with cancer can be complex and overwhelming.  Shenandoah Oncology has a team of dedicated Patient Financial Counselors who are an extension of our central business office and provide guidance on financial issues.  They are available to address patients’ questions and concerns about the cost of treatment and can help handle insurance inquiries and verifications.  For patients whose insurance coverage is inadequate, or if the insurance company chooses not to cover services, our Patient Financial Counselors can help identify assistance programs that may help in meeting financial obligations.

As a courtesy to patients, our business office bills all primary and secondary insurances as Shenandoah Oncology participates with most insurance companies.  Shenandoah Oncology has a team of insurance specialists for billing and claims processing concerns.  In order to ensure reimbursement, your insurance information must be kept current.  Please be sure to notify us if you have any change in coverage or insurance carrier.

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